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Chris is a 30-something IT professional with a degree in cybersecurity and a strong interest in the technology and other “stuff” that we use in our every day lives.


Hey there, my name is Chris and if you’re reading this you probably are wondering what this site is about. I created this blog because I wanted to have a place where I could share detailed reviews, stories, opinions, guides and tips centered around the vast array of products and experiences that I’ve acquired over the years by shopping online. The explosion of online retail has provided an enourmous catalog of items that can be delivered to your doorstep in mere days or hours.

When I shop online, I generally do research on products that I don’t normally buy and I find it helpful to have a detailed review that shows someone’s actual firsthand experience with a product. We can’t always trust the item descriptions or those short one or two sentence reviews. Artificially inflated ratings and fake reviews are unfortunately a real thing across many different online retailers.

This blog will mainly feature items that you don’t regularly buy since those tend to be the ones that require more thought and generally cost more. I like to get my money’s worth and I would rather pay more upfront than buy it a second time later down the line. As an IT professional and hobbyist my content is bound to be a bit heavy in technology items but I still try to keep a balance of different types of content.

Lastly, this blog isn’t the average “one-and-done” review website where I simply buy products, write a short cookie-cutter review and move on to the next topic. I am hoping that my writing style (a more personalized approach) will provide some entertainment value to you while still providing meaningful content. Some posts might have a story to talk about that ties into the product or service that I’m reviewing. I think some extra insight can be helpful and provide a different perspective.


A note about product and affiliate links – My reviews may contain product links or affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a way for me to fund this blog and create new content. If you click on an affiliate link on my blog, you will be taken to the retailer where you can buy the product if you wish. The cost is the same regardless of whether you use the link or not. The benefit, however is that I recieve a small amount of money for each sale that comes from one of my affiliate links and that money goes toward supporting this blog. Web hosting, storage and new products aren’t free and while a large portion of the products I review are purchased with my own money, your purchases through affiliate links will help offset that cost.

I believe in transparency, so posts that have affiliate links will include a footnote like the sample below:

Products mentioned are available through affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Using these affiliate links to purchase helps support the blog and allows me to bring you new content. Thank you!

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You can read a more official statement on my Site Disclosure page for more information.


Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you find something interesting on my site, and check back regularly for new content!