Traveling smart sometimes requires careful planning and thinking outside the box. I generally like to pack light and just take a carry on plus a personal bag like a backpack. So when I booked an international trip late last year, I started thinking about how to manage my luggage. I knew I could pack enough clothes for a week-long trip into my standard carry-on. The challenge was figuring out how I would bring back any souvenirs without bringing an extra, empty bag. The solution is the Gonex Packable Duffel Bag.

Gonex Packable Travel Duffel Bag

40L packable duffel bag by Gonex.


Totally Packable Luggage

If you travel anywhere, you are at least going to be bringing back the same amount of stuff that you left home with. This really limits the extra items you can bring home to just a few small things that can squeeze into your suitcase. The basic idea with using a packable duffel bag is to bring the empty, folded bag to your destination, inside your main suitcase. Now you have two bags which you can use to bring back more than what you left home with.

The benefit is even better if you need to bring back bottles, or other items that can’t be put in a carry-on. You simply put those nice souvenirs in your (preferably hard sided) suitcase, check that luggage and throw your clothes and other stuff in the duffel bag and carry it on.

The Gonex 40L bag is the perfect size to be carried on to most domestic and international flights. Since it is soft-sided you can cram it full of clothes and it should still fit in the overhead bin. The really cool thing about this bag is that it folds up and zips closed so that it takes almost no extra space when you are heading to your destination.

Gonex Packable Travel Duffel Bag

40L duffel bag completely folded and zipped up. About the size of a pair of normal headphones in a case.


In addition to it’s small size, the bag has a lot of zippered compartments and a shoe / dirty laundry section that is separate from the main compartment. The nylon fabric is water-repellent and thick enough to prevent tearing. The zipper pulls are pretty standard and it comes with a shoulder strap. It also sits nicely on a suitcase with the rolling luggage slot.


Also included is a picture guide for packing it back into itself after use.

Gonex Packable Travel Duffel Bag


Final Thoughts

I am very satisfied with this purchase and the two-bag system worked perfectly during my trip. The 40L size is great for a weeks worth of clothes, plus some (if you pack smart). The bag held up just fine on two flights and traveling through three airports on our way home. Be sure to check back for new content and thanks for reading!


Gonex 40L Packable Duffle Bag on Amazon


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