Tempered glass screen protectors like the Spigen Glass Screen Protector for the iPhone XR are a great way to protect the screen on your smartphone.


Spigen glass screen protector

Spigen’s glass screen protector for the iPhone XR. Includes “EZ FIT” tray.


Glass screen protectors will protect the smartphone screen from scratches and can sometimes save your screen from minor drops onto rough surfaces like gravel (speaking from first-hand experience). In most cases, the tempered glass of the screen protector will break first and sometimes that’s enough to keep your phone screen from actually cracking.

Additionally, I find tempered glass screen protectors are very similar to the glass that is used on smartphone screens, so you don’t lose much in terms of touch sensitivity and feel. Other film-type protectors can feel gummy or sticky, which is not ideal.


What I really like about the Spigen glass screen protector is the installation kit that comes with it. I am pretty good at installing screen protectors anyway, but with the included alignment tray, I had a 100% perfect install on the first try. This was a really great idea by Spigen.

Installation is very simple. After cleaning the screen, you just drop the tray onto the phone, press down following the arrow, then remove the sticker and lift the tray.


spigen glass screen protector

The alignment tray works perfectly. Make sure to buy the correct size for your phone model.


You can squeeze out any air bubbles (I only had one small one in the center) and remove the top film cover.


spigen glass screen protector

Only one small bubble remained and was easily removed with the included squeegee.


As you can see below, the alignment was perfect. Great job Spigen!


spigen glass screen protector

A perfect alignment is crucial for phones that have the new “cutout” style screen.


Included in the Box

This Spigen Glass Screen Protector for the iPhone XR includes two screen protectors with alignment trays as well as cleaning wipes, a microfiber polish cloth, squeegee, and dust removal tape. All of this for under $10 (at the time of this post), which I think is a great deal.

spigen glass screen protector

Here’s what’s included in the kit from Spigen.

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